so ummm today was.. exsiting!

 well i got dumped to day. well actually last night. i started crying and i didnt want him to see me crying. i have so many emotions right now. im kind of happy because i have all my friends with me. im exsited because i need to get my room clean when i get home so i can go to the game tonight and i am really sad because i just got broken up with and i kind of mad because my best friend never picks up the phone when i call!!!! im like wtf alissa why dont u pick up and shes all like, i was doing my hair! and i kinda called her abitch… but i didnt mean it… i love alissa!
so yeah. i really do like cody still. i mean our relation ship only lasted for like a day and a couple of hours but i was started to really like him as a boy friend! his fucking annitols say CAR and mine say VAN!! we were so ment to be. but maybe its a pay back from leah. because they broke up on last friday and i broke up with william last friend. ugh i dont fucking no. great, just talking about this imma bout to cry. i want cody back.
well if any one stumbles apon my blog… please comment it.. yes, comments would be nice.
xoxo victoria xoxo


3 Responses to “so ummm today was.. exsiting!”

  1. Guy Pelletier Says:

    Comment – Life goes on

  2. Mr Angry Says:

    Hey there, you sent me a comment while I was asleep – other side of the world and all. I’ll leave you an uplifting comment after I have a shower – I promise.

  3. Mr Angry Says:

    OK, I had a bad weekend, this is my first chance to leave a more considered response. In short, you’re confused, upset and hurt. Congratulations, half the time that’s the only reason we know we’re alive. Sometimes you get over these things quickly and sometimes it takes a while but the important thing to remember is you *will* get over it.

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