So I guess I’m over that black wannabe Cody. Huh, boys are powerful cuz I got a new boy friend and I now more than ever don’t give a crap about Cody! hehe thank god. So my new boy friends name is Kyle! He’s so cute and so sweet. But I think I might have given him a wrong number because he hasn’t called me at all since Friday at the Gahanna Lincoln game. I hope I gave him the wrong number.. Because if I didn’t he is just not calling me… Did that make since?? So yeahhh.

so here’s my schedule …

Monday (today) :
go to school. Clean room/ loft so this weekend can be fun!

go to school clean my room and loft so this weekend can be fun!

school … Clean my room and loft so week end can be FUN!

NO SCHOOL DAY! yay… Go to hilliard at there lunch to see all my old friends! Then go somewhere because I cleaned my room and loft so my weekend should be fun!

NO SCHOOL DAY! me, alissa and who ever else is going is going to go to the hilliard vs. gahanna game at hilliard and then spend the night at my house.

alissa and who ever wants to go are going to the , dun dun daaaaaa.. Haunted huchie! yay! I’m going to be so scared! yay!

sleep from a hard week!

well we have no school on Thursday or Friday. So that’s a long ass weekend.

ok byeee!
comments please!


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