OK SO im pissed of to the max right now!!  i take back what i said on friday or when ever it was… ALISSA IS A BITCH!! she told one of my friends that i was annoying and she totally DITCHED for our plans on friday. i was talking to her and some other friends and we were talking about friday and shes like i cant go with u i have to go to the movies. OMG. i stold up for her when ever ellen and sally were talking about her but now she can lick my tit. our best friend thing we had going on is going down to JUST FRIENDs! she only diched me on friday but i dont know if we r going to hang out the other days.

ok so im going to CHANGE my plans for the second time today,,,,


ok so… there has been a couple of changes in my week.

go to school clean my room and loft so this weekend can be fun!wedsday:school … Clean my room and loft so week end can be FUN!

NO SCHOOL DAY! yay… Go to hilliard at there lunch to see all my old friends! Then go somewhere with alissa, like the south foot ball game. there going aginst west. i think they might win.


NO SCHOOL DAY! me, alissa and who ever else is going is going to go to the hilliard vs. gahanna game at hilliard and then spend the night at my house.

alissa and who ever wants to go are going to the , dun dun daaaaaa.. Haunted huchie! yay! I’m going to be so scared! yay!

sleep from a hard week!

well we have no school on Thursday or Friday. So that’s a long ass weekend.

so me and kyle.
i still havent talking to him. i totally convenced my self that i gave him the wrong number. i sure hope i did. i cant wait untill thursay! yay! its gonna be so much fun this week end! yupyup!
im hungry and i need to find something to eat. hehe i sound like a bear. but i am really hungry…
just for u peoples FYI im at school. buh bye


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  1. Mr Angry Says:

    Here’s a tip I’ve learned – it’s a good idea not to use people’s real names when blogging. Sometimes the things you write can get you in trouble or you wish you hadn’t written certain things. Besides, it can be fun to make up nicknames or aliases for people that you’re the only who knows.

  2. sanjuanitamaxwell3 Says:

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